Electrify America’s Charging Grid Expands With 30 Free Of Charge Solar Powered Stations

Electrify America is installing 30 solar-powered EV charging stations throughout central California. Each charging station features two charging ports.

The chargers are specifically being placed inland to provide greater access to charging infrastructure in rural parts of the state, while more than half are located in disadvantaged and low income communities, and they are all available to the public free of charge.

“Electrify America’s mission centers around increasing access to electric vehicle charging infrastructure to meet the differing needs of drivers across a diverse set of communities and lifestyles,” said Nina Huesgen, senior manager, home, and eCommerce at Electrify America. “We believe adding renewable energy to our offerings and expanding access to public charging in rural communities will help continue to spur EV adoption in the state.”

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Healthcare facilities were selected as the location for two-thirds of the off-grid charging stations thanks to input from public and private stakeholders. Together, they decided that health and education institutions were the ideal locations thanks to their high traffic and long operating hours.

Electric vehicles that pull up to the stations will be served by level 2 chargers. Although they aren’t “fast-charge” ones, the 240-volt chargers are the same kind that you can plug into your dryer at home for reasonably speedy charging.

Electrify America was set up by Volkswagen as part of its Dieselgate settlement with the US government. Run independently of Volkswagen, the charging network serves most EVs, apart from Teslas.

Electrify America solar chargers are available to the public free of charge at the following locations:

Central Medical Offices, 3733 San Dimas St, Bakersfield, CA
East Hills Medical Offices, 3700 Mall View Road, Bakersfield, CA
Ming Medical Offices, 8800 Ming Ave, Bakersfield, CA
Stockdale Medical Offices, 3501 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA
Corona Regional Medical Services, 1840 California Ave, Corona, CA
Maldonado Park, 1601 Thomas Conboy Avenue, Firebaugh, CA
Folsom Ambulatory Surgery Center, 285 Palladio Pkwy, Folsom, CA
Folsom Medical Offices, 2155 Iron Point Rd, Folsom, CA
Donny Wright Park, 630 West Fresno Street, Fowler, CA
Police Department, 17051 12th Street, Huron, CA
Kerman City Hall- 850 S. Madera Ave, Kerman, CA
Lincoln Medical Offices, 1900 Dresden Dr, Lincoln CA
Manteca Medical Center, 1777 W. Yosemite Ave, Manteca, CA
City Parking Lot, 643 Quince Street, Mendota, CA
Modesto Medical Center and Medical Offices, 4601 Dale Road, Modesto, CA
Moreno Valley Medical Center, 27300 Iris Ave, Moreno Valley, CA
Orange Cove City Hall, 633 6th Street, Orange Cove, CA
Police Department, 8770 S. Mendocino Ave, Parlier, CA
Rancho Cordova Medical Offices, 10725 International Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA
City Parking Lot, Corner of H and 12th Street, Reedley, CA
Meridian Medical Offices, 14305 Meridian Pkwy, Riverside, CA
Riverside County Medical Center, 10800 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA
Riverside Medical Offices, 1011 Riverside Ave., Roseville, CA
Roseville Medical Center, 1600 Eureka Rd, Roseville, CA
Arden Annex Medical Center, 3240 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA
Veterans Park, S. Indianola Ave/E. Jensen Ave, Sanger, CA
Parking Lot, 1st Street/E. Front Street, Selma, CA
Stockton Medical Offices, 7373 West Lane, Stockton, CA
Temecula Medical Offices, 27309 Madison Ave, Temecula, CA
Vacaville Medical Center, 1 Quality Dr, Vacaville, CA

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