VW’s New ‘Blue Lagoon’ Jetta GLI Is A Concept Built For Enthusiasts

VW is planning a whole range of enthusiast concept vehicles for 2021, and the first one has just landed: meet the 2021 Blue Lagoon Jetta GLI concept.

Built as a tribute to the 2004 Jetta GLI, the new Blue Lagoon Jetta GLI concept started life as a normal 2021 Jetta GLI Autobahn with a manual transmission. The original Deep Black Pearl paintwork was changed to the iconic blue shade with the use of a vinyl wrap.

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In order to match the wrap as closely as possible to the original Blue Lagoon Metallic, a fuel filler door from a 2004 Jetta GLI was used as a benchmark against several blue vinyl wraps before finding the Orafol Midnight Blue Metallic. The wrap was applied throughout the entire car – including the door jambs and side body pieces – in order for the color change to remain visible, even with the doors open.

VW’s special ‘Enthusiast Fleet’ team worked with Air Design for the exterior side skirts and the rear trunk spoiler, as well as with Fifteen52 for the front lower spoiler. The 20-inch BBS CH-R wheels, wrapped in 235/35 Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires, were sourced from AlphaParts. An H&R coilover suspension system is also installed to give the vehicle a sportier stance and better handling.

The cabin was similarly updated with a set of Recaro Ergomed ES front leather seats and a weighted golf-ball shift knob from Black Forest Industries.

Back in 2004, VW introduced the Mk5 Jetta GLI to the US market. GLIs were always the sedan version of the Golf GTI and the Mk5 Jetta GLI continued the tradition featuring a more aggressive body kit, wheels, and body-hugging seats. The vehicle’s launch color was none other than ‘Blue Lagoon’, but its run was short-lived, and eventually replaced with a medium-dark shade of blue called ‘Jazz Blue’.

The one-of-a-kind ‘concept’ vehicle will be part of VW’s 2021 Enthusiast Fleet and will be displayed at events around the country.

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