Electrify America Introduces $650 Level 2 Charging Unit For Your Home

Electrify America estimates that 80% of charging will happen at home, so a system for faster delivery is an important part of the EV ownership experience. As such, the leading non-Tesla charging infrastructure company is introducing the HomeStation.

The $649 charger will offer level 2 charging at home that can charge at rates of up to 9.6 kW. That makes it nearly seven times faster than plugging your car into a regular wall socket and can offer up to 33 miles of charge per hour (under the right circumstances).

Owners will also be able to hook the HomeSation up to their WiFi network. That will mean smart charging that can be programmed to charge during off-peak hours. It can also be synced up to Amazon Alexa or Google Home to allow owners to use their voice assistants to help with charging.

The HomeStation is also simple enough to be installed without the help of a professional. If you do hire an electrician, though, the amperage can be configured to deliver 40, 32, or 16 amps to offer customers flexibility.

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Speaking of flexibility, Electrify America says the wallbox can be installed indoors or out and it has a 24-foot charging cable.

Tesla’s home charging unit, also capable of level 2 charging, costs a bit less at $500 and can also be connected to WiFi. The HomeStation’s price puts it at the mid-to higher-end of the level 2 wall charger market.

“We recognize the importance of providing convenient home charging solutions with increased speed and flexibility that can be adapted to meet the needs of each consumer,” said Nina Huesgen, senior manager, Home and eCommerce at Electrify America. “We’re confident that the HomeStation will deliver that desired level of simplicity for their home charging needs.”

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