Someone Needs To Save These Two Crashed Honda Civic Type Rs

If you own a Honda Civic Type R and are looking for some spare parts, we may have found just the vehicle for you.

The white 2019 Civic Type R pictured is currently up for sale on Copart after being wrecked in a crash and given a salvage title. The damage sustained to the car is quite extensive but that doesn’t mean money can’t be made from buying the car and selling off some of the parts. Similarly, a grey Civic Type R is also for sale and while it has sustained more damage, some of its parts are also recoverable.

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Damage has been sustained to both the front and rear of the white car but importantly, the front-end doesn’t appear to be in particularly bad shape as the crash structure didn’t take much of a hit. As such, there’s a very good chance that the car’s punchy 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine continues to run. It’s likely that the superb six-speed manual transmission has also avoided damage.

Most of the damage is centered on the rear where one of the taillights is missing and the bumper has been crumpled. The two rear wheel arches have also been torn off and the driver’s side rear quarter panel and rear door have also been badly damaged.

The listing reveals that the car was crashed with just 6,108 miles on the clock. With the exception of the airbags being deployed, the interior looks to be in good condition and certain parts could easily be sold for a tidy profit.

Update – it appears the first Type R was sold by the time we published the article

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