Fitting Ferrari-Style Taillights To A Mustang Could Be Forgiven – Adding A Prancing Horse, Probably Not

The Ford Mustang is a very popular car to modify but fitting the muscle car with a pair of Ferrari-inspired taillights? Well, it might seem peculiar, but it’s not exactly a new thing.

For a number of years now, owners of the sixth-generation Mustang have been able to install their vehicles with circular taillights very similar to those used by the Ferrari 488 GTB, among other Ferrari models. They are available through a number of different companies, including Morimoto and Raxiom, and set back shoppers just under $500.

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The lights include a gloss black shroud that fills in the space left behind after the stock taillights are removed. Plenty of good reviews have been given to the lights and evidently, there are lots of owners that like them. Not everyone in the Mustang community is so fond of them, however.

One particular Mustang with these taillights was recently spotted somewhere in the United States and shared on Reddit, and while the owner could have called it a day after fitting the round taillights, they went one step too far by removing the car’s badge and replacing it with a prancing horse instead.

Fitting the taillights is one thing; adding a Ferrari badge quite another and, really, you would fool absolutely no one that your ride is anything but a Ford Mustang.

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Opening image credits Reddit user @c-c-x-v-i

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