Watch As A Kia Driver Slams Into A Toll Booth In Poland

The driver of a Kia in Poland has been lucky to survive a high-speed impact with a toll booth in late February.

Footage from the toll booth near the city of Toruń shows the black Kia approaching at high speed when, for some unknown reason, the driver swerves to the right rather than keeping straight and remaining in his lane. The sudden direction change to the right sends the Kia directly into the crash attenuator located in front of a concrete block at the toll booth.

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The force of the impact absolutely destroys the attenuator and briefly lifts the Kia up onto two wheels. A Mercedes-Benz and a Skoda can be seen in the background and their drivers were likely left stunned at what they had just witnessed.

Importantly, the attenuator looks to have done its job of absorbing the forces of the crash, leaving the concrete barrier behind it undamaged.

The YouTube channel that uploaded the video says that the driver of the Kia fled the scene immediately after the crash and ran into a nearby forest, but was located by the police a few days later.

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