You Could Buy Everything You Need To Start A Saab Store In One eBay Auction

One of the most exciting things about eBay is that you never know what you might find. Watches, cameras, sunglasses, 1,000 OEM Saab car parts – it’s all there!

One seller in Jordan, specifically, has all of the above and they’re selling their collection of more than 1,000 new Saab parts as a single lot with a buy-it-now price of $160,000.

Although the ad states that there are at least 1,000 large parts, it adds that there are countless smaller parts as well. Most are from 1995-2004 and all are new, according to the ad, though not all are in boxes so their quality may vary. Helpfully, the seller says they’ll ship it all in a container.

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A quick scan of the pictures shows taillights, plastic fluid reservoirs, dials, and body panels, including bumpers and doors. This could be a treasure trove for the Saab community but, with the brand now defunct, it begs the question who, exactly, would pay $160k for the lot.

The eBay store on which this treasure trove of Saab parts is being sold, “mix-stuff,” also sells some other cool things, though. I found a BMW 2D data recording rally steering wheel that was made by Sparco, for instance, while there’s also a bunch of luxury watches, pens, and other items.

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