For $73,000, You Could Buy 16 Dilapidated Range Rover Classics

A collection of no less than 16 Range Rover Classic models are being sold through eBay from Cream Ridge, New Jersey.

The Range Rovers are pictured spread out across a property and are all in various states of disrepair. The seller notes that many of the vehicles have salvage titles meaning that whoever purchases them will likely use them for spare parts. However, it is also possible that the vehicles could be repaired and restored, even though the salvage titles will prevent them from being driven legally in most U.S. states. Fortunately, some of them come with clean titles.

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Limited details about the Range Rovers are provided in the listing, including just how and why they have been left outside to rot for so many years. Many of them are severely rusted and covered in moss. Extricating all 16 of them from the property will be an arduous task in and of itself.

All 16 are‘County’ models and at least one of them is badged as a County LWB, a long-wheelbase version sold in the U.S. with a 108-inch wheelbase (8 inches longer than normal models) and outfitted with air suspension and a 4.2-liter Rover V8 engine. The seller adds that none of the vehicles are operational but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t be repaired and fired back into life.

The SUVs are not available individually and can only be purchased together for a Buy It Now price of $73,000.

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