Some Of Mad Max: Fury Road’s Insane Movie Cars Are Being Auctioned Off

No less than 13 vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road are currently up for auction in Australia.

Mad Max: Fury Road was once of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters in 2015, starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. A plethora of wild vehicles was commissioned for the film, which was basically one long, spectacular-looking chase sequence, and some of them are now up for grabs through a Lloyds auction.

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Included as part of the sale are the War Rig, the Gigahorse, the Doof Wagon, Nux Car, two convoy cars, the Razor Cola, Poke car, Sabre Tooth, Fire Car, Caltrop, a buggy, and a Buick. Those names may not mean much to you but photos of each car are included.

One of the craziest creations is the War Rig. It is the “mutant lovechild of a semi-trailer and hot rod” and features two V8 engines, six-wheel drive, and is an 18-wheeler. The Doof Wagon from Mad Max is also rather ridiculous and features dozens of speakers and is based on a M.A.N. missile carrier.

Perhaps the most famous of them all is the reborn Interceptor that had a starring role in the film. It is based around a 1973 Ford XB Falcon Coupe and has a powerful engine sticking out of the hood. It has also been equipped with off-road-focused tires.

The biggest highlight of the auction however is the Gigahorse. Made from not one but two 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville bodies, this gorgeous monstrosity represents post-apocalyptic excess in the best possible way. It even has two V8 engines, serving as one of the most memorable bad-guy cars in modern cinema history.

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