The Ford Maverick Has Two Hidden 12-Volt Plugs In Its Bed

Ford knows that pickup truck owners love to modify their vehicles so with the new Maverick, it has made things a little easier for them.

If you look in the ‘Flexbed’ of the Ford Maverick, you may not notice anything special. However, hidden behind two little plates on either side of the bed are two 12-volt power sources. Owners can use these two-pin connectors to hook up any kind of 12-volt accessory they’d like and in a video showcasing the ‘e-DIY’ connectors, Ford shows two different uses for them.

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The first half of the video provides a tutorial on how to install your own bed lighting kit. It includes a full list of materials that are needed and shows how necessary wires can be neatly hidden into the sides of the bed. With some simple tools like a soldiering kit and a heatgun, it is quite simple to install LED lights into the bed.

The second tutorial shows how an air compressor can be installed. It too is a relatively easy thing to install and is as simple as connecting up the wires, drilling into the bed’s hidden storage cubby, and plugging in the compressor.

These little connectors are far from the only interesting feature of the Maverick’s bed. For example, the tailgate can be set in a half-open position that effectively acts as a bed extender. Ford has also equipped the Flex Bed with a host of pre-threaded holes that owners can use to mount various accessories. The bed even features vertical and horizontal slots that owners can slide pieces of timber into in order to create simple dividers.

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