Driving AC Schnitzer’s BMW M4 Competition Will Make You Forget About Those Looks

While its styling may be divisive, there’s no denying the fact that the new BMW M4 is an excellent sports car to drive and when outfitted with some goodies from AC Schnitzer, becomes even more impressive.

AC Schnitzer first announced its suite of upgrades for the flagship M4 Competition back in June. These modifications tweak both the exterior and interior styling of the car, while also increasing its performance. And, as this video from AutoTopNL shows, they result in quite a ferocious performance car.

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As standard, the M4 Competition has a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine that churns out 503 hp. After AC Schnitzer’s mods, this example is now good for 590 hp. A new exhaust system also ensures that it sounds even better than the standard model.

Among the visual upgrades offered by AC Schnitzer include a new carbon fiber front splitter and aerodynamic canards on either side of the front bumper. The sports car can also be equipped with unique side skirts, a unique rear diffuser, and one of two different spoiler options, which include a large fixed wing.

The German tuner also offers a distinct set of springs for the M4 that lower the ride height by 20-25 mm (0.78-0.98-inches) at the front and by 15-20 mm (0.59-0.78 inches) at the rear. Moreover, it is also in the midst of developing an adjustable suspension system for the car.

AutoTopNL recently had the opportunity to take the tuned M4 out for a ride and, as you can see in the video right below, it quite the performer.

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