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Little Spoon

Quality, organic baby food ain’t cheap and those little ones just keep on chowing. If you’ve got a hungry tyke, stock up on Little Spoon’s Babyblends with our exclusive code LSCNET and get 50% off your first delivery. Thats breaks down to just $32.50 for 14 organic, blended meals (shipping included in price).

New parents know keeping those little mouths fed with high-quality food is of utmost importance. Little Spoon makes and delivers baby food mixes made from organic ingredients, packed with all the vitamins and nutrients they need. Stock up on kale-carrot-pear or broccoli-spinach puree. They even have seasonal mixes like pumpkin spice puree for a trendy baby on the go.

Because Little Spoon is a subscription, you’ll need to pause or cancel or the deliveries will keep coming.

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