2023 iPhone 15 Pro Now Rumored to Feature 5x Periscope Zoom Lens

iPhone 13 Pro Camera

While most Android flagships nowadays feature a periscope zoom lens with a 5-10x zoom range, Apple has continued using a traditional sensor with 2-3x optical zoom. That is not expected to change with the iPhone 14 series this year, but analyst Jeff Pu believes the company could make the switch with the 2023 iPhones.

The analyst believes Apple is discussing with Lante Optics to secure the periscope zoom lens setup for the 2023 iPhones. The company has already received the components for testing, and a final decision is expected to be made by May this year. If the deal goes through, Lante could receive orders for 100 million components from the Cupertino company. It remains to be seen if Apple will offer a more conventional zoom sensor with 2-3x optical zoom alongside the periscope lens on the 2023 iPhones or not.

Pu previously suggested that at least one of the 2023 iPhone 15 models will feature a periscope camera with 10x optical zoom. This time, however, he claims Apple will use a 5x optical zoom periscope setup. Reputed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also predicted the same. The periscope camera setup allows the lenses to be folded into a form factor that makes them ideal for use in smartphones while still offering a high degree of optical zoom. Samsung, Oppo, and other Android manufacturers have been using periscope zoom lenses in their smartphones for the last couple of years now.

For the iPhone 14 series that will debut later this year, Apple is expected to use a 48MP primary sensor. By using pixel binning, the sensor will capture more detailed photos in low-light scenarios. The higher resolution will also allow Apple to offer 8K video recording on the phones.

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