Tuner Teases Porsche Boxster Mk1 With Widebody Kit, Speedster Rear And Duck Tail Spoiler

The Porsche Boxster might be in its fourth generation already, with rumors for a fully electric successor, but that doesn’t mean owners of the previous models don’t get new options to modify their vehicles. The latest proposal for the original Boxster (1996-2004), is a widebody kit with a speedster-style tail designed by Miles Works Automotive with the help of 3D-artist Mag Works.

Starting from the front, the kit includes a redesigned bumper featuring 996 Turbo style intakes and a prominent carbon-fiber splitter. The front and rear fenders have been significantly widened alongside the tracks while a set of aftermarket five-spoke wheels is shod in wider tires.

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Moving on to the tail which is the signature element of this conversion, the wider fenders are meeting with a supercar-like bumper with integrated intakes and a new diffuser housing the dual exhaust pipes. Most importantly, the rear deck has given its place to a speedster-style cover, following the example of the Porsche 718 Spyder flagship. In this case, however, the design is even more extreme, leading to a duck-tail rear spoiler.

The stock taillights and bumper are hidden in a recess created by the added parts, similar to the GT1 Strassenversion from the late ’90s, or the more recent 935 Clubsport. Overall, the only stock panels that remain visible are the bonnet, the lighting units, the doors, and the windscreen. Despite the extent of the modifications, both the boot and the trunk work fine, although we are not sure about the retractable fabric roof. As for the interior, it got a set of red racing bucket seats to match the exotic looks.

While the images you see here are renderings, the bodykit won’t remain a digital-only affair as the company aims to build it and offer it for sale. According to Johny Fargas who is working on a modified Boxster, the kit is currently under development with a goal of keeping the cost at €4,000 (~$4,500) before tax and shipping costs. Factor in the low prices of used first-gen Boxsters, and you could have an exotic-looking sports car for not too much money.

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