Apple Could Have a Busy Fall With ‘Widest Array’ of New Product Launches

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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman believes that Apple is preparing to announce the “widest array of new hardware” in its history this fall. The company usually tends to launch products throughout the year, though significant new products like the iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacBooks are typically unveiled in the fall. For 2022, Apple is scheduling a number of its events for fall, including new iPhones, 2nd gen AirPods Pro, Apple Watch, iMac Pro, MacBook Air, and more.

Apple does have several products in the launch pipeline this year, but many of them are expected to debut in the first half of the year. Gurman, however, thinks otherwise. His “back-of-the-envelope” list includes the following devices:

  • Four new iPhones
  • New low-end MacBook Pro
  • Redesigned MacBook Air
  • 2nd gen AirPods Pro
  • Updated iMac and new Mac Pro
  • Three new Apple Watch models
  • Low-end iPad and iPad Pro refresh

Apple usually launches new iPad Pro models in the first half of the year. However, since there’s a redesign due this year with MagSafe charging support and a faster M-series chip, Gurman believes the company will unveil them later in the year. Apple is expected to announce the iPhone SE 3, an iPad Air refresh, and a high-end Mac mini or iMac refresh for the spring event. The additional time could help Apple better to prepare its supply chain for the new product launches. The semiconductor shortage is also expected to improve by the middle of this year, which could have played a deciding factor here.

Despite Gurman’s accurate track record, it would be just too many product launches for Apple to fit within 3-4 months this fall. The company could unveil some products via a press release around WWDC 2022 to spread them over a few months. The company is rumored to showcase its AR/VR headset at the end of this year, and it would not want its announcement to be buried with other product launches.

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