Ford Maverick orders close completely due to ‘overwhelming’ demand – Roadshow

To no one’s surprise, the Maverick is extraordinarily popular.

Craig Cole/Roadshow

Following news the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid would be sold out by the end of October 2021, Ford now says the truck is completely sold out until this summer. Following a report from the Wall Street Journal on Monday, which first reported the news, Ford confirmed with Roadshow the tiny truck is soaring in popularity and cannot accept orders for any configuration.

After Jan. 27, Ford will not accept any orders for the hybrid or strictly gas-powered truck. Ford will then look through a list of hand-raisers it has and then open order books in the summer.

“Customers may still be able to purchase a Maverick on the lot at their local Ford dealer,” a spokesperson said. That assumes any Mavericks allocated to dealers aren’t already sold or preordered in today’s absurd new car market. The Maverick may be just the antidote to new car prices surging toward $50,000 on average. The truck starts at just at tick over $21,000.

All of this leaves us with three days to place an order with Ford before it ceases the operation to focus on production of the trucks it already has a backlog for. If you need to wait until summer, you’ll be in for a 2023 Maverick as part of the model year changeover as well. That may be a good thing in the long-run if Ford ups the value proposition further or makes new options available that today’s customers don’t have access to. But, that’s a game of wait and see. We know the community is already clamoring for an all-wheel drive hybrid model, for instance.

The first Mavericks are in their owners’ drives as you read this, and any dealer allocated models should be en route.

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