Porsche Reveals New Infotainment Software With Improved Looks, Better Route Planning For Taycan, Native Spotify

Porsche Reveals New Infotainment Software With Improved Looks, Better Route Planning For Taycan, Native Spotify

Porsche announced today that it is updating the infotainment system in a number of its vehicles. Now in its sixth generation, the Porsche Communication Management system will offer new features, update the system’s appearance, and improve route planning for electric vehicles.

Music lovers and fans of podcasts who drive the 911, Cayenne, Panamera, and the Taycan will be pleased to discover that PCM 6.0 gives them direct access to Spotify. Customers can link their account directly to their vehicle using their Porsche ID and use the app as a media source.

All required data is included in Porsche Connect and the app displays the “Like” function, so you can still save songs you’ve listened to on your drive for later. All of your playlists are available through the app as is the Go to Radio option, which searches for pieces of music similar to the selected song.

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Owners of the Taycan (and its variants), meanwhile, will benefit from an updated route planner that has been reworked to make charging more efficient on your next road trip. An optimized algorithm prioritizes charging stations that offer a higher energy output (150 kW and up) and plans charging stops better.

The planner now also takes the time required to start and end the charging process into account when calculating drive times. According to Porsche, these improvements were based on customer feedback.

A better dynamic zoom function in the navigation screen also gives drivers more information about all chargers in the area, including whether or not they’re in use. When you’re zoomed out, meanwhile, the screen only shows fast-charging stations but they can be filtered by output.

PCM 6.0 has also been revised visually. New colored icons make the functions on the user interface easier to recognize, another change made at the recommendation of Porsche owners.

If you prefer not to interact with the screen, the automaker has also improved the scope of Voice Pilot to make the voice assistant easier to use. That makes certain functions, like news updates, the owner’s manual, and in-car music streaming, easier to access.

These updates are part of a connectivity push that has also seen Porsche recently unite all of its smart device apps into the My Porsche app. PCM 6.0 will come standard on all new 911, Taycan, Panamera, and Cayenne models, with production implementation beginning in the coming weeks.

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