The Devel Sixteen Has Hit Public Roads For The Very First Time

It has been more than eight years since the Devel Sixteen was first unveiled to the world and for the very first time, the hypercar is being tested on public roads.

The Sixteen is one of the most bizarre vehicles to have been launched in recent memory and for the better part of half a decade, it seemed as though it would amount to nothing more than vaporware. However, it would appear that development of the car has continued (albeit at a snail’s pace), with a prototype recently being tested in Italy.

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Very few details have been provided about this particular Devel Sixteen prototype, but the video does show it being driven at highway speeds for the very first time. Evidently, the prototype is fully functional and on the road, it really does look like a spaceship on wheels.

Devel says it will offer the Sixteen in a number of different guises with different engines. The flagship model is expected to feature a 12.3-liter quad-turbocharged V16 pumping out no less than 5,000 hp. A second quad-turbo V16 model with 3,000 hp is also being planned, as is an entry-level twin-turbo V8 model delivering around 2,000 hp. It is unclear what engine is powering this particular prototype but it certainly sounds the part. The dual-clutch transmission also appears to change gears quite quickly.

Of course, building a single functional prototype is much easier than actually putting a hypercar like this into production. While this video proves that progress has been made with the Sixteen, we won’t get too excited until it starts to reach the hands of customers.

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