Would You Be Cool If The Bumper Fell Off Your $259K Bulletproof Rezvani Tank?

Those shelling out big bucks for something that’s literally named a tank might be more than a tad miffed that its bumper fell off. The Rezvani Tank in question belongs to none other than singer Chris Brown, who needed sending it the way of RDB LA for a swift fix. 

Oddly, for a military bulletproof edition vehicle, the bumper in question isn’t metal and instead is some kind of lightweight carbon or fiberglass construction. Perhaps of more concern is the allegedly poor mounting from the factory, which saw it fall off in the first place.

The news doesn’t get much better from there. Despite admitting that it’s pretty powerful, the host challenges Rezvani’s claims that it has 1,000 hp. The armored car runs on a Dodge Demon-sourced 6.2-liter supercharged V8 which Rezvani says is tuned to deliver that Veyron-rivaling power number and 870 lb-ft (1,180 Nm) of torque.

The inherent weight of anything with that much armor means that operating things like the doors takes more effort than usual, while the bulletproof glass can’t be opened fully either.

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Surprisingly though, the Tank is said to drive reasonably well, feeling “light” on the road. It’s equipped with a fair amount of toys, too, including a smokescreen, strobe lights and siren (we’re not sure how the cops would feel about those), and deadbolts for the doors.

Other options available for the Tank Military Edition include thermal night vision, ballistic protection, military-grade run-flat tires, underside explosive protection, an armored radiator, self-sealing fuel tank, reinforced suspension, electrified door handles, intercom, gas masks, and EMP protection.

Perhaps though, it’s to be expected that a low-volume, relatively new to the scene automaker may suffer from build quality concerns. While the front bumper may not have all that much of an impact on the car’s occupant’s surviving the apocalypse, it does potentially make one wonder how tough it really is.

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