After 12 Months Of Work, NvR’s Dayton Shooting Brake Hommage Is Being Sculpted Out Of Aluminum

Niels van Roij Design is ready to start building its Shooting Brake Hommage, a coachbuilt Ferrari 599 GTB inspired by the 1972 Ferrari Daytona Shooting Brake. To celebrate, it has released a selection of renderings of design iterations and photos of the car under construction.

“Styling the purebred has taken 12 months and construction of the full-scale clay model has now been finished,” said Niels van Roij, the founder of the design house. “Following approval of the clay model, the design was sculpted by hand in aluminum.”

The changes that the final design will require are substantial. Niels van Roij Design says that the windshield and the doors are the only elements of the 599 GTB’s body that will remain unchanged for this commission. Everything else, including the angle of the donor car’s B-pillar, is different to accommodate the new design.

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“The fast rake of the shooting brake rear end was a complex task to resolve, as it had to fit the proportional statement of the modern base vehicle whilst linking subtly to the 1972 car,” NvR Design wrote in a statement. “The rear window is fixed in place and set deeply into the bodywork: a dramatic sculptural visual delicacy.”

The front, meanwhile, will be modified to fit a 1972 Daytona-style shark-nose and horizontal ochre light bar. To better fit the new styling, the bumper has also been reworked. As a reference to the elegant styling of the reference car, the design house says it has toned down the “brutal and overly complex” styling of the donor car.

“The Daytona Shooting Brake Hommage is a clean and classically attractive automotive sculpture,” it adds.

A follow-up to the Breadvan Hommage, NvR Design says that it was once again inspired by a classic vehicle but not beholden to it. It chose to update the design wherever it had to ensure that the overall design was cohesive.

“Rendering the legendary classic ‘70s shooting brake into a contemporary piece of car design was complex,” said van Roij. “The design of the Daytona Shooting Brake Hommage celebrates the ’72 car, yet introduces much new DNA to the bloodline: the classic wasn’t a burden to our creativity. In fact, the design is a perfect synthesis between the sinuous volumes and ideal proportions of the classic inspiration and the powerful forms of the modern-day supercar donor.”

You can follow along with the build on Niels van Roij Design’s YouTube page.

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