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iPhone 13 Pro Max

I took this photo with an iPhone 13 Pro, just centimeters away from this orange massacre.

Patrick Holland/CNET

One of the most fun additions to the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max is macro photography, which lets you grab an in-focus photo as close as 2 centimeters from your subject. This provides ample possibilities to capture artistic close-up shots of everyday things like the bubbles in your latte foam, the textured sides of a dime or ants devouring an orange. Starting today, Apple wants to see your best macro snaps as part of its latest Shot on iPhone photo contest: #iPhonemacrochallenge.

Apple’s panel of judges will select 10 winning photographs in April. The judges are a mix of Apple employees and photographers Anand Varma, Apeksha Maker, Peter McKinnon, Paddy Chao, Yik Keat Lee. Winning photos will be posted on Apple’s website and social media accounts, with the possibility of appearing in Apple stores and on billboards.

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You can submit photos on Instagram, Twitter or Weibo using the hashtags #ShotoniPhone and #iPhonemacrochallenge. Submissions start Tuesday and run through Feb. 16. You can also send high-resolution versions of your photos to Apple. You can read all of the fine print on Apple’s Newsroom page.

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