Are You East Bound And Down To Buy Burt Reynolds’ Very Own 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SE?

One need only look at the wealth of imitators to know how successful the film Smokey and the Bandit was at promoting the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SE. This 1977 model, though, was owned by the Bandit himself, Burt Reynolds.

Although it wasn’t a movie car used on camera, this 1977 Firebird Trans Am SE was used as a promotional vehicle for the film and was eventually gifted to Reynolds to thank him for his role in it.

The only ’77 model ever owned by the film star who sadly passed in 2018, he owned it for an awfully long time, only selling it in 2014 to its current owner. The car is being sold with a Florida title that was signed and autographed by Reynolds.

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The car is in excellent condition, both because Reynolds only put a few miles on it and because it received a thorough restoration in 2015. Done professionally in Dallas, Texas, the car retains scuffs from Reynolds boots and all the correct lettering, including a “Bandit” label over each door.

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Powered by a 400ci Pontiac V8, there’s no doubt that this is a car from the late ’70s because it only makes 180 hp (182 PS/134 kW). It does however have an M40 automatic transmission and a twin-hatch T-roof.

It also has an engraved dedication plate affixed to the driver’s door and it comes with an autographed copy of Burt Reynolds’ autobiography, “But Enough About Me.” The buyer will also receive a late-’70s style “Trans Am” jacket and a “Bandit” cowboy hat, as well as a DVD copy of Smokey and the Bandit.

Offered up for auction without reserve, the car will roll across the block at Barrett-Jackson’s 2022 Scottsdale event in Arizona that is running until January 30.

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