GMA T.33 Will Be Powered By Updated Cosworth V12 That Revs To 11,100 RPM

GMA T.33 Will Be Powered By Updated Cosworth V12 That Revs To 11,100 RPM

Gordon Murray Automotive has announced that its upcoming second model, the T.33, will be powered by a reworked version of the T.50’s 3.9-liter V12 engine that will rev to 11,100 rpm.

“Once again, we joined forces with our technical partner Cosworth to create a bespoke engine for the T.33, every single detail was pored over in painstaking depth,” said company founder Gordon Murray. “Numerous systems and components were re-engineered and re-designed to pursue excellence, and we are 100 percent confident that the GMA.2 V12 provides the perfect match for the T.33’s driving characteristics.”

In a video released a few days ago, Murray says that the T.33 is a car that he’s wanted to do for decades and is inspired by his favorite cars from the 1960s. He says, though, that he’s just taking the balance, the shapes, and the ethos of that time and distilling it into a modern car that he calls a “return to beauty.”

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Although the video reveals little of the design, it does show what appears to be a roof scoop, which would suggest that the T.33 will have its engine in the middle of the car like the T.50, not in the front as was the case with many sports cars from the ’60s. There is, however, no shortage of mid-engine cars from the era from which Murray could take inspiration.

The name T.33 would seem to suggest that the car will be a little less extreme than the T.50, which revs to 12,100 rpm. It makes 654 hp (488 kW/663 PS) and 344 lb-ft (467 Nm) of torque in the standard car and 725 hp (541 kW/735 PS) in the T.50s “Niki Lauda” limited edition.

However much power the T.33 makes, the car will be produced at GMA’s Global Headquarters and Technology Campus that will soon be built in Windlesham, Surrey, following a £50 million ($67.7 million) investment.

“We will have many important milestones for our new headquarters over the next two years. But one of the most important will be on 27 January when we reveal the first Gordon Murray Automotive vehicle to be manufactured there. We’re all extremely excited to be revealing such a significant car to the world in just three weeks from now.”

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