Google’s Pixel foldable could be much cheaper than the Galaxy Z Fold 3

The Google Pixel 6 in Sorta Seafoam color in hand

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority


  • A new report sheds light on the Google Pixel foldable’s possible pricing target.
  • It suggests the device could cost $1,399.
  • That would be considerably cheaper than the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but not too much more than the Pixel 6 Pro.

The first foldable phones asked early adopters for exorbitant amounts of cash, and arguably the current generation of devices still do. However, according to a new report, Google could demand a lot less for its introductory foldable.

Per 9to5Google, the Pixel foldable could come in at $1,399, making it ~$400 cheaper than the Galaxy Z Fold 3 but ~$500 pricier than the Pixel 6 Pro. Notably, the gap between Google’s two flagships would be slightly smaller than Samsung’s, as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is ~$600 pricier than the Galaxy S21 series. This more negligible price difference would help make the Pixel foldable an enticing option compared to other flagships, let alone other foldables.

While the latest report comes from “two independent sources,” Google has yet to confirm the existence of its foldable phone. There were suggestions at the end of 2021 that Google canned the project. However, evidence spotted in Android 12, and a flood of new rumors suggest that the phone could make a 2022 debut.

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As for the Pixel foldable’s specs, earlier reports suggest a stubbier foldable powered by the Tensor chipset but harbors a less impressive camera offering than the Pixel 6 series.

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