The Only Thing We Hate About This Porsche 964 Carrera Cup Is Its Price

The Porsche 911 has a long and rich racing history and if you’re in the market for a 911 that has been honed for the track, then you’re in luck.

This particular 964 Carrera Cup racer has been listed up for sale through Procarlease in Germany with an asking price of €300,000 ($340,000). That is a lot of money but you’re unlikely to find another 964 like this in your local Porsche club.

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The exterior of the iconic sports car is finished in a vibrant shade of blue that looks to have been well maintained since the 911 first left the factory. Complementing the blue paint are silver five-spoke wheels.

For the most part, the car’s exterior looks just like any road-going 911, although it does sit much lower due to a different suspension setup. By comparison, the interior of this 911 is very different to a typical 964.

For starters, the rear seats have been removed, as has every other piece of trim in the rear of the cabin. Sitting in the place of the rear seats is a roll cage that also extends through to the front half of the cabin. Elsewhere, the special model has been equipped with a set of Recaro seats while the door handles consist of nothing more than a strap in place of a traditional handle, and a window winder. The Porsche also has an OMP steering wheel.

The listing doesn’t provide any details about the car’s ownership history but does point out that it can be driven legally on German roads.

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