This Shop Is Working On A Two-Door GMC Sierra With A Short Wheelbase



A tuner by the name of Flat Out Autos is building a two-door version of the GMC Sierra with a removable canopy.

So far, only a single low-resolution rendering has been released of the vehicle. It depicts the Sierra with just two doors and sitting on a set of aftermarket wheels wrapped in off-road tires. The vehicle certainly looks striking but a number of things about it remain uncertain.

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For example, it’s hard not to notice that the wheelbase of the vehicle depicted in this rendering appears incredibly short. This is probably because Flat Out Autos does indeed plan on shrinking the wheelbase in what would obviously be quite an involved process. It is also unclear if the truck has been converted into a two-seater or if there is a second row of seats hiding beneath the canopy.

The company hasn’t announced how much customers will need to spend to transform their Sierras into a two-door like this but has opened up an order list for those interested.

While Flat Out Autos isn’t a household name, it did make headlines back in late October when it unveiled its two-door Chevrolet K5 Blazer based on a 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71. This creation sports a significantly shorter wheelbase than a typical Tahoe and was also converted into a two-door. The rest of the bodywork took obvious inspiration from the classic K5 Blazer, in particular with the chrome front grille and chrome bumpers.

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