Valve’s Steam Deck now has an official launch date

Steam Deck


  • Valve has just announced the official launch date of the Steam Deck: February 25, 2022.
  • If you reserved a unit, you should get an email on that date. You’ll need to place your order within 72 hours.
  • If you don’t place your order, your reservation will pass to the next person in the queue.

Last year, Valve — the company behind Steam, the world’s largest online game marketplace — surprised us all with the announcement of a standalone portable gaming PC. The device looks a lot like a Nintendo Switch but plays games from the Steam marketplace.

On that date, the earliest folks who placed a reservation for a Steam Deck will get an email. That email will have a link for them to buy the device. Buyers who place immediate orders should see the Deck arrive on their doorsteps as early as February 28.

Anyone who doesn’t place an order within 72 hours of receiving the email will lose out on their reserved Deck. It will then pass on to the next person in the queue, and on it will go like that. Valve hasn’t dished any numbers, but it is incredibly likely that demand far outweighs supply when it comes to the Steam Deck. As such, even those who made a reservation would likely see difficulties in getting one.

What about if you didn’t place a reservation? As of now, you are left out in the cold. Eventually, Valve will open general orders for the Steam Deck. But, for now anyway, only the earliest reservations will see the chance to purchase the device.

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