Volkswagen releases more ID Buzz photos ahead of March debut – Roadshow

Only a month and a half to go!


We’re inching closer to the March 9 reveal of the Volkswagen ID Buzz, which means it’s time for more teaser images. VW released a handful of new photos of the ID Buzz in the same psychedelic camouflage wrap we’ve seen before, but this time we’re getting a look at the Buzz from every angle — and in motion too.

The ID Buzz is sticking close to the original 2017 concept in terms of design, and that’s a good thing. There’s a more prominent cowl to the front end, but the Buzz’s face is still way more bluff than any other van on the market. There are full-width light bars front and rear to tie the Buzz in with Volkswagen’s other ID models, but it still has the same character and charm as the concept and is plenty retro. These photos show off some more details, like the three oval-shaped trim pieces on the E-pillar and the reflectors in the rear bumper.

It’s lookin’ real cute.


This configuration is likely the short-wheelbase model that won’t be sold in the US, as we’ll probably only get the long-wheelbase version. It has a traditional tailgate at the rear, though cargo models will be offered with a side-hinged split opening. We also know that Volkswagen is working on a California camper version of the Buzz, as well as a model designed for ridesharing. The Buzz will ride on Volkswagen’s MEB modular platform, with rear-wheel drive as standard and all-wheel drive optional on higher-end models.

Volkswagen is currently hosting a prototype drive event of the ID Buzz in Barcelona, Spain, so expect a lot more info to come out in the coming weeks. The ID Buzz will debut on March 9 and go on sale in the US in 2023.

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