New, much more evil Wordle challenges you to tackle 2 words at once – CNET

Dordle asks you to solve for two words, but you can only guess one word at a time.

Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

First, there was Wordle. Then came the Wordle knockoffs. Among that crowd is Dordle, a devious word game that isn’t going to let you off easy. It asks you to figure out two five-letter words, but you can only input one word guess at a time. Confused? Play it and you’ll understand.

Dordle comes from indie games developer Guilherme Tows, who works under the name Zaratustra Productions. Tows credits Wordle with inspiring Dordle, which is described as “wordle plus wordle.”

I handily conquered the first Dordle I tried and was feeling pretty confident. Unlike Wordle, Dordle lets you keep playing with new puzzles. So then I tried the next one, got the word on the right side correct and totally biffed the word on the left. My beginner’s luck didn’t hold. 

This was my second attempt at Dordle and my first failure at Dordle.

Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

The community comments below the game might clue you in to some possible strategies for tackling Dordle. But you might just want to try it on your own first before you start fishing for help. 

If Wordle is a calm, breezy experience and you want to run your brain through the wringer a bit more, Dordle should give you some exciting moments. Or anxious moments. Or both.

Dordle isn’t a replacement for Wordle. It’s a different beast, one with two heads and a bit of an attitude. That’s what makes it fun and challenging.

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