Of All The Main Audi RS Models, Which One Is The Quickest?

Audi‘s RS badge can be found on vehicles of every form these days, whether they be coupes or SUVs, 5-cylinder or 10-cylinder, or even gas-powered or electric. And thanks to Carwow, we get to see essentially one of each compete in a drag race. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to round up every single RS model on sale, but they did manage to get at least one from every platform (i.e. RS3 instead of RSQ3 and TTRS, RS5 instead of RS4, RS6 instead of RS7, etc.).

The cars they got were the RS3, RS5, RS6, RSQ8, RS e-tron GT, and R8. That means that in terms of powertrains this drag race has 5, 6, 8, and 10-cylinder engines as well as electric motors, and in terms of body styles it has a hatchback, a sedan, a sportback, a wagon, an SUV, and a coupe. All of the vehicles have Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive in some form or another, meaning they should be somewhat level in terms of traction at the launch, so it’ll be their vastly different weight and power figures that decide the finishing order.

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For the first race, it was the RS e-tron GT that came in first place, followed by the RS6, R8, RS5, RSQ8, and RS3. You’d think that the R8, being the lightest and most powerful of the bunch, would have come in at least second if not first, but it lost out to the RS e-tron GT’s instant electric torque and the RS6’s stellar launch control. The second race sees a similar result with the RS e-tron GT in first, the RS6 in second, and the RS3 in last, except the RSQ8 actually finished two places higher while the R8 and RS5 each finished one place lower.

The comparison is certainly an interesting one, and it can be watched in full in the video below. However, put all these cars on a track, and we’re likely to see significantly different results.

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