Snowy, Salty Boots May Lead To A Fire In Nearly 690,000 Nissan Rogues

Snowy, Salty Boots May Lead To A Fire In Nearly 690,000 Nissan Rogues

Nissan is recalling 2014-2016 Rogues due to an issue that could lead to a fire and other faults. Fortunately, the problem is unique to the Rogue but 688,946 vehicles are potentially involved in this recall.

The issue stems from a connector that can become corroded in the cabin. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents, if water and salt collect in the driver’s side footwell, it can wick up the dash side harness tape and enter into the relevant connector.

If that happens, electric current may flow unintentionally between the connector terminals, which could potentially cause the driver’s power seat or window to fail, could cause the AWD warning light to illuminate, could cause the battery to discharge, and, in a worst-case scenario, could lead to a fire.

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If a driver notices any of the above issues or smells burning or sees smoke under the dash, that could be a sign that their vehicle is suffering from the issue.

Nissan is currently studying the problem and will provide a solution as soon as it finds one. It expects the fix to be available in spring 2022 and will send out notifications regarding reimbursement for any owners who have had to pay out of pocket to fix this problem before the recall was issued.

In the meantime, Nissan will notify owners of the safety risk in a letter that is expected to be mailed out on March 2, 2022. A second notice will be mailed out when a solution becomes available. Owners can contact Nissan customer service at 1-800-867-7669, the number for this recall is R21B9.

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