Take better control of your iOS backups with iMazing’s iCloud-free software for $15 today – CNET

iMazing iOS Manager

If you’ve ever had issues trying to use iCloud when backing up your photos and data, the iMazing iOS Manager program may be what you need to navigate your iOS device. iMazing allows you to manage your iPhone, iPad or iPod data on a Mac or Windows computer so that you can transfer your data to a new device, access photos outside of iCloud or the Photos app and much more. No jailbreak is needed to get access to what you need, just download iMazing iOS Manager, which you can get for $15 now through Feb 1.

Once you set up iMazing it can automatically backup your files so that you never have to worry about losing your data. You can also drag and drop songs to and from your iPhone, extract and print text messages (including WhatsApp chats), import or export eBooks and PDFs, access voicemail and call history, export voice memos and notes, browse and manage backups and more. It works with any app documents, data and media and is ideal for upgrading or switching phones so you can take everything with you. 

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