Tesla Model 3 Beats BMW 3-Series In Europe, Bentley’s EV Plan, And No More Looking Back For Lamborghini: Your Morning Brief

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V-E Day: Shocking New Sales Data Shows Tesla Model 3 Did What No Other American Car Could In Europe

New data from Jato Dynamics shows that Tesla Model 3 has conquered the European market more than any other American car could. The EV even managed to outsell the BMW 3-Series, which has two body styles. Tesla’s volumes swelled by 70.9 percent. And that’s despite the Model Y SUV not hitting European showrooms until late 2021. 

Bentley To Introduce Five EVs In Five Years Starting In 2025

Bentley has a new plan. It’s dubbed “five-in-five,” and as the name suggests, it maps out Bentley’s plan to introduce five new electric vehicles over five years. The first EV to be introduced in the project will arrive in 2025, which will be a crossover based on Audi’s Artemis. The British brand hasn’t yet revealed what the other four models will be, but the plan builds on the announcement that the winged-B will only sell plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles by 2026.

2023 Maserati Grecale Continues Testing In Frozen Lapland Ahead Of Imminent Debut

Being a victim of the chip shortage, the Maserati Grecale has been delayed for a few months now but Maserati is apparently using the extra lead time for more testing in cold-weather conditions. Maserati even published a set of photos showing camouflaged pre-production prototypes of the Grecale being driven in the harsh conditions of the Swedish glades, as it fine-tunes the car’s handling characteristics.

British Homeowners Made Millions Last Year Renting Out Their Driveways

British homeowners are making a mint on their unused driveways and parking spaces. A British website, YourParkingSpace, reports that £26 million ($35 million) worth of rented spaces was recorded throughout 2021. The hottest parking properties are those located close to busy locations such as airports and train stations.

No More Retro Cars, Suggests Lamborghini CEO Who Wants To Look Forward Not Back

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Lamborghini’s modern interpretation of the Countach may have sold out quickly, but it received a mixed reception by fans of the brand for not being a purist’s dream. It turns out that Lambo’s boss, Stephen Winkelmann, doesn’t want the brand to keep looking to the past, telling Autocar that “we have to have a big windscreen and small rear-view mirrors.” He went on to say, “It’s important to understand the history, to look into what happened in the past, but the projection has to be that we have to be innovative; we have to be disruptive and always unexpected.”

BAC Mono To Get Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrain From Viritech

BAC is going to make a fuel-cell version of their track-focused Mono. The British brand is transitioning to zero emissions by 2030 when the UK’s ICE ban comes into force. They’ve joined forces with Viritech, a company that is developing hydrogen powertrain technologies for the automotive, aerospace, marine, and distributed power industries. The engine will be replaced with electric motors powered by hydrogen fuel cells, and is being described as a “feasibility study into developing a hydrogen powertrain for niche vehicle applications.”

Check Out Kevin Hart’s New Custom ’69 Plymouth Road Runner With A 940-HP Hellephant V8

Kevin Hart has commissioned another muscle car project, this time using a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner. It’s been put together by Wisconsin’s Salvaggio Design. The restomod features a 426ci Hemi V8 putting out 940hp and is inspired by the Haloween movie franchise. There’s tons of work been put into it, with attention to detail everywhere you look, including a custom frame, integrated roll cage, Brembo brakes, custom-designed carbon fiber hood, bumpers, and plenty of parts fabricated out of billet aluminum.

What Else Is Making The News

Singapore Announces Seven-Year Grand Prix Extension 

The Singapore Grand Prix, which has been off the F1 Calendar for two years due to Covid-19, will make a return in 2022. It has also been announced that the street circuit will continue to feature for another seven years at least, with the venue signing an extension with Formula 1 until 2028.

Elon Musk Offers 19-Year-Old $5,000 To Take Down Twitter Account 

Elon Musk has reportedly offered 19-year-old Jack Sweeney $5,000 to take down a Twitter bot account that updates followers on the movements of Musk’s jet. According to Protocol, @ElonJet is one of 15 flight-tracking accounts Sweeney has created. Musk told the teenager that he didn’t like the idea of “being shot by a nutcase.” Sweeney countered the offer of $5,000 with a request for $50,000, which would go towards college and “maybe even a Model 3.”

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