The Raptor Japan Is No Ford, But A Demo Toyota RAV4 With A Protective Coating

When you hear the word Raptor, the first thing that comes to mind is the rugged variants of the F-150, the Ranger or the newly unveiled Bronco by Ford. The Raptor Japan that was exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Salon however is a different story, as it is based on the fourth generation Toyota RAV4.

In fact, the company behind the concept is called Raptor and specializes in protective coating. In that context, the Raptor Japan was created to showcase the durability of its urethane paint liner. The entire body is covered in a rough-textured dark gray paint which protects it from rust and scratches, allowing the driver to have more confidence while off-roading. This applies not only to the bodywork but also to the plastic parts including the bumpers, fenders, mirror covers, pillars, etc.

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As a finishing touch, the RAV4 got bespoke graphics on the sides looking like scratches from an actual Raptor dinosaur, plus Raptor decals on the bonnet and on the rear skid plate.

Besides the cool livery, the RAV4 got a new set of KMC wheels shod in Monsta Mud Warrior tires, combined with a 2-inch lift for the suspension. The vehicle on the press photos and videos is fitted with a bull bar and an aftermarket rear bumper while the one that was exhibited in the show also got a redesigned front bumper from Albamo, for a grille-less and de-badged look. There are no reported changes under the bonnet, where the stock 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine produces 169 hp (126 kW / 171 PS) and 203 Nm (150 lb-ft) of torque, mated to a CVT gearbox.

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While you can’t really buy a Raptor Japan, you can apply the protective coating to a vehicle of your choice. Guess Ford won’t be losing sleep (or suing for copyright) any time soon, then.

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