Will Barrett-Jackson Manage To Sell This Bizarre Ferrari 400i Limousine?

Will Barrett-Jackson Manage To Sell This Bizarre Ferrari 400i Limousine?

A bizarre 1981 Ferrari 400i limousine is heading to Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction currently running until January 30.

The Ferrari 400i may not be the most recognizable or desirable car from the famed Italian automaker but in the U.S., it is quite rare. Making this example unique is that it has been converted into a limousine.

Very few details have been provided by Barrett-Jackson about the car but a little bit of research reveals that it was sold for $20,000 during an online auction in November.

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It is understood that the car has numbers matching powertrain components and has been driven less than 15,000 miles (24,140 km) since new. Converting a Ferrari into a limousine is always going to rub a few people the wrong way but the previous seller did note that it recently had all of its structural components re-welded to ensure that it remains operational for many years to come.

Powering the bizarre limo is its original 4.8-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine that was good for 340 hp back in the day. Coupled to this engine is an automatic transmission driving the rear wheels and, even if the it has lost some power over the years, the V12 inevitably still sounds brilliant.

Images of the car’s interior show that the rear half of the cabin offers seating for up to four passengers with seats clad in two-tone leather with white piping. There also appears to be a small fridge area.

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