Animal Crossing: New Horizons – All K.K. Slider songs – CNET

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – All K.K. Slider songs – CNET


K.K. Slider performs in your town plaza every Saturday.

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You’ll meet plenty of recurring visitors on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but one character you can count on seeing every weekend is K.K. Slider. After you’ve completed Project K, the wandering musician will stop by your island every Saturday to hold a small concert. Here’s everything you need to know.

When does K.K. show up?

Like in previous Animal Crossing games, K.K. Slider holds a concert in your town every Saturday evening. You’ll see him camped out in front of your Resident Services building the entire day, but he’ll only perform music between 6 p.m. and midnight. If an event such as the Fishing Tourney is taking place in your town plaza on Saturday, K.K. will postpone his visit to Sunday instead.

How does the concert work?

Speak to K.K. after 6 p.m. and he’ll ask if you’d like to hear a song. You can request a specific tune or have him choose one at random. Once that’s been decided, sit in any of the chairs set out in the plaza and you’ll watch K.K. perform. 

If you have friends over on your island while K.K. is around, you can all watch him perform together. However, every player will need to be seated before the one who requests the song sits down; if you sit too late, you’ll miss out on the performance.

After K.K. finishes, he’ll give you a copy of the song he just played to take home. You can speak to him again to request more songs, but you’ll only receive a recording of the first song he plays that night. You can also purchase songs through Nook Shopping, but there are some “secret” songs that you can only receive by specifically requesting them from K.K.

All K.K. Slider songs

Here’s the full list of K.K. songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Songs that are denoted in bold are “secret” and will only be performed by request.

  • Agent K.K.
  • Aloha K.K.
  • Animal City
  • Bubblegum K.K.
  • Café K.K.
  • Comrade K.K.
  • DJ K.K.
  • Drivin’
  • Farewell
  • Forest Life
  • Go K.K. Rider
  • Hypno K.K.
  • I Love You
  • Imperial K.K.
  • King K.K.
  • K.K. Adventure
  • K.K. Aria
  • K.K. Ballad
  • K.K. Bazaar
  • K.K. Birthday*
  • K.K. Blues
  • K.K. Bossa
  • K.K. Calypso
  • K.K. Casbah
  • K.K. Chorale
  • K.K. Condor
  • K.K. Country
  • K.K. Cruisin’
  • K.K. D&B
  • K.K. Dirge
  • K.K. Disco
  • K.K. Dixie
  • K.K. Étude
  • K.K. Faire
  • K.K. Flamenco
  • K.K. Folk
  • K.K. Fusion
  • K.K. Groove
  • K.K. Gumbo
  • K.K. House
  • K.K. Island
  • K.K. Jazz
  • K.K. Jongara
  • K.K. Lament
  • K.K. Love Song
  • K.K. Lullaby
  • K.K. Mambo
  • K.K. Marathon
  • K.K. March
  • K.K. Mariachi
  • K.K. Metal
  • K.K. Milonga
  • K.K. Moody
  • K.K. Oasis
  • K.K. Parade
  • K.K. Ragtime
  • K.K. Rally
  • K.K. Reggae
  • K.K. Rock
  • K.K. Rockabilly
  • K.K. Safari
  • K.K. Salsa
  • K.K. Samba
  • K.K. Ska
  • K.K. Sonata
  • K.K. Song
  • K.K. Soul
  • K.K. Steppe
  • K.K. Stroll
  • K.K. Swing
  • K.K. Synth
  • K.K. Tango
  • K.K. Technopop
  • K.K. Waltz
  • K.K. Western
  • Lucky K.K.
  • Marine Song 2001
  • Mountain Song
  • Mr. K.K.
  • My Place
  • Neapolitan
  • Only Me
  • Pondering
  • Rockin’ K.K.
  • Soulful K.K.
  • Space K.K.
  • Spring Blossoms
  • Stale Cupcakes
  • Steep Hill
  • Surfin’ K.K.
  • The K. Funk
  • To the Edge
  • Two Days Ago
  • Wandering
  • Welcome Horizons*

K.K. Birthday is given to players on their birthday, while Welcome Horizons is given out the first time K.K. performs on the player’s island.

2.0 songs

In addition to the above list, Nintendo added 12 new K.K. Slider songs to New Horizons as part of the game’s big 2.0 update back in November. Here’s the full list of new 2.0 songs:

  • Chillwave
  • K.K. Bashment
  • K.K. Break
  • K.K. Chorinho
  • K.K. Dub
  • K.K. Fugue
  • K.K. Hop
  • K.K. Khoomei
  • K.K. Lovers
  • K.K. Polka
  • K.K. Robot Synth
  • K.K. Slack-Key

Animal Crossing’s 2.0 update introduced a ton of other content as well, including gyroids, Brewster’s cafe and cooking. Alongside the free patch, Nintendo also released a paid expansion for the game called Happy Home Paradise. The DLC costs $25 to purchase outright or can be accessed for free through the Nintendo Switch Online plus Expansion Pack plan.

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