Apple’s New ‘Trade-In Tool’ Can Reportedly Scan for Cosmetic Damage

Apple has released the first iOS 15.4 beta to developers with several new features such as being able to use FaceID while wearing a mask, Universal Control, new emojis, and much more. Now, sleuths at 9to5Mac have unearthed that Apple has been working on a “Trade-In Tool” for “scanning cosmetic details from another device using the iPhone camera.”

Internal files of the first beta of iOS 15.4 reportedly include mentions of the new Trade-In Tool. The system strings within the files indicate that the new tool could use the iPhone camera to scan for cosmetic imperfections such as dents, broken or chipped screens, and scratches. The tool is purported to send the results of the cosmetic scan to Apple after the scan completes. The company may use these results to estimate the value of the trade-in.

The image indicates that the tool could scan an image area, as well as QR codes. As the Trade-In Tool is still in the works, you will not be able to try it out for yourself even if your device has iOS 15.4 beta. It could be something to look out for when the iOS 15.4 update will be rolled out to the public.

Our Take

Hopefully, this will help bypass Phobio, Apple’s third-party trade-in partner which was accused of cheating customers. Many customers who mailed in their Mac to Apple’s trade-in partner Phobio complained that they were given a far lower amount for their device than which was initially quoted.

The new Trade-in Tool could streamline and possibly introduce transparency to the whole process. It will aid Apple in determining the price for older devices at the start of the trade-in process. This will help customers find out the value of their device well in advance, instead of waiting for it to be received at service centers.

[Via 9to5Mac]
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