Discover What Makes The Gordon Murray T.33 Different From Every Other Supercar

Discover What Makes The Gordon Murray T.33 Different From Every Other Supercar

While Gordon Murray Automotive has yet to start customer deliveries of its potent T.50 supercar, it has just unveiled its second model, this time dubbed the T.33. Harry Metcalfe was lucky enough to check it out in person and had Gordon Murray himself to keep him company.

The T.33 is roughly the same size as the flagship T.50, meaning it is also very similar in scale to the Lotus Emira. In a world where GT cars and supercars seem to be getting bigger every year, the T.33’s compactness is a great thing. It is also significantly cheaper than the T.50 although with a £1.37 million ($1.83 million) starting price, it’s not exactly a bargain. The T.50 starts at £2.36 million ($3.16 million) by comparison.

During the video, Murray says he has wanted to make a car like this for over 25 years and that he was inspired by sports cars from the 1960s. Compared to the T.50, the two-seat design of the T.33 has very different proportions as the cabin of the T.50 is much larger due to its three-seat design.

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Murray has also been able to create a car that lacks any visible signs of aero. This is most notable at the front where there is no splitter and instead, a ground effect inlet at the nose that channels air along the floor.

Underpinning the T.33 is a carbon fiber monocoque. It also features double-wishbone suspension at all four corners and rocks a set of carbon-ceramic brakes from Brembo.

Power comes from the same 3.9-liter naturally-aspirated V12 of the T.50, although it has been detuned from 654 hp and 344 lb-ft (467 Nm) of torque to 606 hp and 332 lb-ft (451 Nm).

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