New BMW 6-Series Could Replace Both The 4-Series And The 8-Series Coupe And Cabriolets

While SUVs keep expanding in every possible segment, the market for two-door coupe and convertible models is rapidly shrinking. With that in mind, a new rumor wants BMW actively considering the return of the 6-Series as a successor to both the 4-Series and 8-Series coupe and convertible models.

The rumor was initiated by automotive journalist Georg Kacher who spoke with BMW’s Development Director, Frank Weber, for the Australian magazine Wheels last week. Citing sources from inside the Bavarian automaker, the journalist claims that the 6-Series could return in 2026, merging the 4-Series and the 8-Series into one, as the middle ground between them.

This would allow BMW to retire four two-door models, while keeping customers happy with a pretty decent alternative. As an independent model, the 6-Series could be sportier than its predecessors, competing with rival premium GTs.

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The current 8-Series coupe

The four-door 8-Series Gran Coupé could be the only survivor from the 8-Series range, with its successor becoming a part of the 7-Series family in the higher luxury segment. While we should take everything with a pinch of salt, a sexier and sportier Gran Coupé model based on the 7-Series flagship would definitely make sense if combined with the practicality of four doors and a large boot. At the same time, it would inherit BMW’s latest technology features that are expected to be introduced by the next generation 7-Series and the fully electric i7 sibling.

The original “shark-nose” E24 BMW 6-Series coupe

The BMW 6-Series lineage has seen three generations of two-door models – the classic E24 (1976-1989), the Bangle-era E63 (2003-2010), and the more recent F12 (2011-2018), which was the first to be available in Gran Coupé form. Since 2017, the model has moved away from tradition and it only exists as the 6-Series GT, which is a successor to the 5-Series GT. The latter will most likely disappear after the end of its life cycle as the slow sales – even though increased compared to the previous iterations – do not justify the investment for a successor.

In Europe and other markets outside North America, BMW offers the 6-Series fastback that’s a successor to the 5-Series Gran Turismo

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