Not Again; Ford Mustang Runs Into Spectators At Lamborghini Dealership In Florida

After years of the internet collectively bashing Ford Mustang owners for their tendency to crash, it is quite remarkable that accidents like this continue to happen.

This particular Mustang crash occurred during a car event recently held at a Lamborghini dealership in Sarasota, Florida. For the first few minutes of the video below, various cars can be seen speeding past spectators on the side of the road. However, things take a turn for the worst at the 5:45 mark when a black Mustang pulls out from the dealership onto the road.

Obviously eager to show off their driving skills, the owner mashes the throttle, spinning up the rear wheels of the muscle car but almost instantly, the car’s tail aggressively kicks out to the right. Unable to control it, the driver slides directly into a curb and smashes into a crowd of spectators.

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A number of the spectators are thrown to the road before the Mustang comes to a stop on a grass embankment, just a few feet away from a number of parked Lamborghinis. A pair of young males quickly exit the muscle car and appear shocked at what had just occurred. They can be seen speaking with a number of the spectators, including some of those that were hit. There is also a bit of shouting between the Mustang’s occupants and the spectators.

WFLA reports that no one was transported to hospital after the crash but says at least one individual injured an ankle.

The local sheriff’s office has issued two citations and continues to investigate the incident.

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