Oh, Just Stop It: 800-mile Honda S2000 Listed For $150,000

Oh, Just Stop It: 800-mile Honda S2000 Listed For $150,000

Forget cryptocurrencies and Tesla stock, if you want to see your bank balance rocket it seems your best bit is to unearth a stupidly low mileage modern Japanese classic from an owner who has no idea what it’s worth, then stick a supercar price tag on it, offer it up to the internet, and hope some fool bites.

Last year we saw several MkIV Toyota Supras change hands for well into six figures, culminating in the sale of a red 6k-mile car on Bring-a-Trailer for a ridiculous $201,000, and someone asking $300k for a gray one with 10k miles on the clock shortly afterwards. And now it looks like that trend has spilled out and infected every single other human being in America in possession of a criminally under-enjoyed sports car.

This Honda S2000 definitely fits into the criminally under-enjoyed category. Registered in 2008, it’s done just 822 miles since, and is surely the next best thing to time-traveling back to 2008 and picking one up from your dealer. Thing is, if you were able to do that, the S2000 would set you back just $34,300. Even adjusting for inflation, that’s only $44,400 in today’s money. But RP Exotics of St Louis, Missouri, wants $149,995.

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RP would happily point out that you can’t go back to 2008 (though we hear Elon might be working on something), so if you want a box-fresh S2000, there’s not a lot of choice, which is exactly what this car is so expensive. But really? One-fifty? I’ve driven a bunch of S2000s over the years, and one Carscoops staffer currently has one in his garage. We love that 237 hp (240 PS) VTEC hit and the shifter that’s so tight it feels like the transmission is a prosthesis, but come on, they’re not that great.

But the 882-mile car probably isn’t going to be driven. It’s doomed to go through life as a museum piece. There are however, plenty of options for Honda fans who want to experience owning an as-new S2000, actually want to drive it, and would prefer to pay less than Porsche 911 GT3 money.

A quick look on Autotrader’s U.S. site reveals 15 S2000s currently for sale, all with less than 15,000 on the clock. If the red one shifts at anything close to $150k we’ll be straight over to Elite Autos In Arizona to buy this 1,272-mile 2007 car for $69,980 (pictured above) before someone else does.

And this lovely 2000-spec car with the earlier, revvier 2.0-liter VTEC motor, as opposed to the 2.2s in the other cars we’ve covered, looks like a sweet buy at $41,995. It’s in Wall, New Jersey, if you’re interested.

What previously affordable car do you think is next in line for some fantasy pricing? Leave a comment and let us know.

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