Top Apple Stories of the Week: iOS 15.4 Beta Brings Face ID with a Mask Feature, Apple Releases Q1 2022 Earnings, More

In case you missed events and exciting news from the world of Apple this week, check out this roundup of top stories, so you’re all caught up with everything Apple.

This week, Apple announced its earnings for Q1 2022, released iOS 15.4 beta for developers and beta testers and updated its Personal Safety User guide with a section dedicated to AirTags. The iOS update packs several feature updates and bug fixes. Meanwhile, a report claimed that Apple is developing a system to let iPhones accept credit card payments via NFC.

This week, Apple released iOS 15.4 beta for developers and beta testers. The update was released alongside the first beta build of macOS Monterey 12.3 and tvOS 15.4. It brings several new features to the iPhone, such as Notes in iCloud keychain and support for Universal Control. Be sure to check out our list of new features in iOS 15.4. The update also fixed an issue with Core Animation that restricted third-party apps to a 60Hz refresh rate even on iPhones with 120Hz ProMotion displays.

One of the most significant updates is “Face ID with a Mask.” It allows iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 owners to use Face ID while wearing a face mask. The feature works by scanning the region around the eyes. Just make sure to scan all your eyewear (except sunglasses) when setting up the feature — once done, it will be more seamless to use than Unlock with Apple Watch option.

Install iOS 15.2 on iPhone

This week, Apple announced that it collected a record-high revenue of $123.9 billion in the first quarter of 2022 and $34.6 billion in profit. In the earnings call, Apple explained that the iPhone 13 series drove iPhone sales during the holiday season. The services business also contributed a healthy 15.7 percent to the revenue, making it the second-largest contributor to Apple’s business after iPhone sales that accounted for 57.8 percent.

In the earnings call, Apple CFO Luca Maestri noted that the company was held back from a $130 billion quarter by headwinds from its supply chain difficulties. He said that the iPad bore the brunt as its revenue dropped 14 percent year-over-year. The CFO further added that Apple expects a lower revenue headwind in the current quarter, suggesting that the shortage affecting its supply chain could ease by March.


This week, a report from Bloomberg claimed that Apple is working on a system to allow iPhones to accept payments directly through NFC without any additional hardware. The feature would help small businesses accept payments from customers without needing a payment terminal as an intermediary.

The feature has reportedly been in development since 2020, when Apple paid $100 million to acquire Canadian start-up Mobeewave. The company developed technology that allowed smartphones to work just like payment terminals. The report claims that the feature could be a part of an iOS update in the Spring.

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The widespread misuse of AirTags to stalk people and track others’ items has sparked concerns. To address them, Apple has released an updated Personal Safety User Guide. The document details the safety-centric features built into Apple products. It also mentions the Tracker Detect app that alerts you if an unidentified AirTag follows you around.

In related news, an activist in Germany claims to have found that the country’s Federal Telecommunications Service is a disguise for an intelligence agency. After thorough research, she sent an AirTag via mail to the address for the Telecommunications Service. However, the object tracker ended up in another part of the country in the office of an intelligence agency. Since this revelation, the German government has reportedly denied that a Federal Telecommunications Service ever existed.


This week, a patent filing at the USPTO revealed that Apple could be working on a biometric authentication system for AirPods. According to the filing, the AirPods could get an ultrasonic-based system to authenticate users by mapping their ear canals. The feature would prevent accidental pairing with a stranger’s Apple device. It would protect users’ privacy as well.

Apple’s patent explains that the system would bypass the need for Face ID and Touch ID. Instead, it would ensure users are authenticated correctly based on a “similarity score” reliant on several variables. Using the headphones’ onboard sensors and microphones, the Cupertino giant will also evaluate the AirPods wearer’s gait and voice. One potential downside is that you won’t be able to share your AirPods with friends and family unless Apple lets you switch the feature off.

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Other Top Apple Stories This Week:

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  2. Apple’s New’ Trade-In Tool’ Can Reportedly Scan for Cosmetic Damage
  3. Apple Granted Restraining Order Against Stalker Claiming Tim Cook Is the Father of Her Kids
  4. Some iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Users Plagued with Pink Screen Issues
  5. WhatsApp Gets Ultimatum from EU to Clarify Privacy Policy
  6. WhatsApp for iPhone Gets Focus Mode Support, Voice Recording Pause/Resume Function
  7. Apple Unveils Black Unity Braided Solo Loop, Matching Watch Face for Apple Watch
  8. India Wants to Create a Third Operating System to Take on iOS and Android

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