Is $80,000 A Reasonable Price For A Factory-Supercharged Toyota FJ Cruiser With Under 1,000 Miles?

Off-road SUVs and trucks are exploding in popularity right now like never before. Even vehicles that can, at best, go “soft-roading” are taking off so it should be no surprise that enthusiasts miss the FJ Cruiser. It went out of production just as this trend really started to take off and now the public wants it back. That might help explain why this factory-supercharged example with just under 1,000 miles has a $79,999 price tag.

The FJ Cruiser is one of the most unique and most capable SUVs Toyota has ever built. It’s got four doors but two open backward and it has three windshield wipers as well as factory-integrated spotlights. It’s all about function over form but it pulls off both pretty well. This particular example looks like it has just about every single option from the 2008 model year.

Under the hood is where the real news is though. The factory-installed supercharger package makes this FJ good for 304 hp (226kw) and 334 lb-ft of torque (452nm). That’s 68 ponies (50kw) and 68 lb-ft (92nm) more than the regular FJ.

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It’s not just the low mileage or the supercharger that adds to its value though. It’s no secret that even used off-roaders are taking off in popularity right now. The Land Rover Defender and the Ford Bronco have both made historic comebacks while their older models also soar in value.

Toyota has seen similar effects. Twenty-year-old Land Cruisers with 100,000 miles on them are regularly trading for more than $20,000. High mileage FJ Cruisers in general haven’t seen as big of a bump but low mileage examples are doing great.

Just last December, a 2014 example sold for $81,500 and had just 63 miles (101 km) on the clock from new. This older 2008 model won’t have all of the same equipment from that one but the supercharger package and the extra kit like the factory subwoofer, the roof rack, and the brush guard should help it out. Nevertheless, it didn’t sell when the buyer first listed it on eBay a few weeks ago so perhaps the market for the FJ is cooling off a bit.

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