See The First 2022 Super Bowl Car Ads, Including Nissan’s Z Coupe And Kia’s EV6

A host of car manufacturers have confirmed that they will air commercials during Super Bowl LVI, including the likes of General Motors, Kia, BMW, Nissan, and Toyota.

BMW’s commercial could prove to be particularly significant as the automaker hasn’t advertised during the Super Bowl since 2015. That commercial featured former Today Show hosts Katie Couric and Bryant Bumbel and promoted the BMW i3.

The German car manufacturer won’t reveal what the focus of this year’s commercial will be but it is very likely that it will have at least some focus on the brand’s EVs.

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Nissan signaled its return to Super Bowl advertising with a new spot called “Thrill Driver,” which is set up as an action-packed, comedy-thriller movie premiere. It stars the brand’s new Z sports coupe.

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General Motors will also air a commercial during the Super Bowl for a third consecutive year. It too has failed to provide details about the commercial but given that the two spots it aired last year were both focused on its electric vehicles, we expect no different for 2022.

Kia confirmed that it will run a commercial during Super Bowl LVI a couple of weeks ago. It will be a 60-second spot and the company’s 13th commercial to air during a Super Bowl. Today, we got a 15 second teaser featuring the Kia EV6 andcurious robotic dog “that embarks on a journey to find its true companion”.

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With five automakers already confirmed for this year’s Super Bowl, there are already going to be more participating than last year when just three carmakers ran commercials: Stellantis, GM, and Toyota. During the 2020 Super Bowl, six car manufacturer ran commercials, although that was shy of the 11 car companies that ran ads during the 2018 edition of the big game.

Online used-vehicle retailer Vroom has also released an upbeat commercial for Super Bowl LVI.

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