Tesla May Not Unveil Any New Models This Year, But It Has Just Launched A Microphone For Karaoke-Loving China

While Tesla has been unable to deliver vehicles like the Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster on time, and has announced that it won’t launch any new models this year, it has managed to find the time (and resources) to develop and launch a microphone in China.

Simply known as the ‘TeslaMic’, the microphone is currently only available in China and is thought to work with the Caraoke system found in Tesla’s infotainment. It also works with the karaoke platform Leishi KTV that Tesla has added to its infotainment systems through a software update launched for Chinese New Year.

It is understood that the TeslaMic automatically pairs with the infotainment system and comes with a handful of different sound modes, while it is completely wireless.

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Tesla will sell the microphone in China in a pack of two for 1,199 Chinese Yuan, roughly $188.

It is entirely possible that the TeslaMic will be introduced to other markets at a later date. In mid-January, it emerged that the electric car manufacturer had filed to trademark ‘TESLA’ and its ‘T’ logo in the U.S. for the audio equipment category that includes microphones, headphones, earphones, digital audio players, and more.

While these trademarks don’t necessarily mean that Tesla is planning to launch standalone audio products in the United States, the company has long had a focus on providing excellent sound systems with its various models, developing class-leading speakers made in-house rather than relying on audio companies like Bang & OIufsen and Harman Kardon to develop audio systems like most other premium automakers do.

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