The Tesla Precept Is An Unofficial Concept That Illustrates The Roadster With More Attitude

This story contains independent illustrations from designer Khyzyl Saleem for a Tesla study that are neither related to nor endorsed by Tesla

Tesla is developing a second-generation Roadster that promises to offer performance rivaling some of the industry’s leading electric hypercars but for significantly less money. We know what the new Roadster will look like but that hasn’t stopped Khyzyl Saleem from imagining an even more eye-catching model.

The creation has been dubbed the Tesla Precept Concept and takes some influence from the likes of the Porsche Mission R, Rimac Nevera, Czinger 21C, and Lotus Evija while combining it with the same overall shape and profile as the Roadster prototype presented more than four years ago by Tesla.

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The front is particularly striking and incorporates an outlandish new bumper with a protruding splitter. The headlights have also been tinted for some added aggression.

Elsewhere, Saleem has equipped the Precept Concept with large black wheels and overhauled the sides of the Roadster to maximize aerodynamics. There are a set of complex skirts and huge air intakes behind the doors and the car also has tiny door-mounted cameras rather than traditional wing mirrors.

The radical transformation has continued at the rear with a large lip spoiler and a complex diffuser designed to stick the rear wheels to the pavement.

The Tesla Roadster has been a long time coming and it still remains unclear when customer deliveries will begin but if we take Elon Musk’s words at face value, it could arrive in 2023.

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