Get a free SkinStore 7-piece beauty bag when you spend $130 – CNET


Valentine’s Day is approaching, and if you haven’t yet decided on a present for your loved one, you should consider picking up some skin care, especially for anyone who loves all things beauty. For Valentine’s Day, SkinStore is offering a free 7-piece beauty bag with any purchase of $130 or more, and you can get 20% off with the code SS20.

The reason why skin care is such a great gift for Valentine’s Day is because it’s something that works for everyone — women, men and nonbinary skin-care fanatics alike. Skin care can be a romantic or nonromantic expression of love. By spending $130, you’ll get a lot of products you can split among everyone you’re shopping for, or you can just give it all away to one person. 

During this Valentine’s Day sale, all the bestsellers are available — both skin care and body care. You can pick up products like the Ordinary peeling solution and Estee Lauder’s multi-recovery complex serum as well as any other product to make someone smile. 

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