Mercedes May Have Paused New G-Class Ordering In Europe, But Is Still Accepting Orders In The USA

Mercedes May Have Paused New G-Class Ordering In Europe, But Is Still Accepting Orders In The USA

New reports out of Germany suggest that Mercedes-Benz has temporarily stopped taking new orders for the G-Class in Europe, but the North American arm of the company says that no such thing applies to the USA.

The story surfaced when the MB Passion Blog reported that the automaker had stopped accepting orders for the G-Class on January 17, 2022. The publication said this could be because some G-Class deliveries may not be made until the fourth quarter of 2024. A friend of CarScoops who works at Mercedes-Benz says some G-Class buyers are being told they may have to wait until the first quarter of 2025 to take delivery.

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When asked about the matter, a Mercedes-Benz USA spokesperson told us, “We can confirm dealer ordering banks are still open for the G-Class” as far as America is concerned.

CarScoops reached out directly to Mercedes-Benz in Europe to comment on the story, but we have yet to hear back from them. If and when they do, we’ll update this story with their response.

In the meantime, we have heard from a source in the Netherlands that orders will be re-opened sometime between March and May and that they were halted because the automaker is altering the packages available with the G-Class.

Importantly, there is no indication that Mercedes-Benz plans on killing off the G-Class any time soon, despite the company’s ongoing shift towards electrification.

At last year’s Munich Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the EQG Concept to provide a glimpse of a future all-electric G-Class. The show car had many of the same body panels as the ICE-powered G-Class we’ve come to love but also had some more modern touches such as the illuminated faux front grille. Mercedes is still said to be working on the powertrain for the electric G-Class ahead of an expect market introduction in the middle of the decade.

Taken into account legislation to kill of internal combustion engines in many markets around the world, it seems likely that only an electric G-Class will exist beyond 2030.

The Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept previews the upcoming all-electric G-Class

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