Mozilla is bringing popular privacy features to its desktop and mobile VPN – CNET

Mozilla is bringing popular privacy features to its desktop and mobile VPN – CNET


Mozilla VPN adds key features to enhance your digital privacy.  

Sarah Tew/CNET

Mozilla is introducing two new privacy features for its VPN service, the company said Tuesday. Multi-Account Containers, the popular Firefox feature that helps keep your various online activities isolated from one another, is now available on the Mozilla VPN desktop app. And Mozilla VPN’s multi-hop feature that routes your VPN connection through two different servers is now available on the service’s Android and iOS apps.

The Multi-Account Containers add-on has been available for the Firefox browser since 2017, and now Mozilla has made it available as an added privacy feature for its VPN service. The feature lets you easily separate personal, work, banking and social media activities from one another. You can now leverage that functionality when you use Mozilla VPN and protect your privacy by routing each individual activity through a different exit server in various locations. 

“For example you are traveling for work and using your computer to check your work email from Paris, France but want to also check your personal banking accounts in New York City,” Mozilla said in its release. “That’s where you can separate your work and personal finances’ online activity with Multi-Account Containers plus the added privacy of the Mozilla VPN and choosing from over 400 servers in 30 countries.”

Mozilla VPN’s multi-hop feature has been around since September on desktop, but is now also available on Android and iOS. An important feature for critical VPN users, a multi-hop VPN routes your connection through two separate VPN servers instead of just one. In doing so, your privacy is essentially doubly secured because you’ll gain an extra layer of encryption by running your connection through two VPN servers.

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