New Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV, Koenigsegg’s Electric Drive Unit, And The TeslaMic: Your Morning Brief

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Tesla May Not Unveil Any New Models This Year, But It Has Just Launched A Microphone For Karaoke-Loving China

Say hello to the TeslaMic, a microphone aimed at the karaoke-loving Chinese market. Priced at 1,199 Chinese Yuan (roughly $188) there’s a chance that the product will be released in other markets, too, with Tesla filing a US trademark for audio equipment that includes microphones and more.

New Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV EV Is Coming For The Kia EV6 With RWD, AWD And Hot RS Version

Skoda has unveiled the all-new body style for its electric SUV: the Enyaq Coupe iV. the sloping roof means that the Coupe offers a lower drag coefficient, while the introduction of the Enyaq Coupe iV RS sees Skoda’s hottest EV to date. It can deliver 295 hp (299 PS/220 kW) and up to 339 lb-ft (460 Nm) of torque for a 0–62 mph (100 km/h) in just 6.5 seconds.

You Asked, We Answered What You Wanted To Know About The 2022 Kia EV6

If you haven’t already read our First Drive of the new Kia EV6, then go ahead and check it out. And, as usual, we opened the virtual floor for some questions before we got behind the wheel. We answer everything, from the car’s NVH levels to body kit options and how the regenerative braking works.

Lordstown Will Begin Deliveries Of Endurance Pickup In The Second Half Of 2022, Says Foxconn Chairman

There’s some positive news for the beleaguered Lordstown Motors, with Foxconn’s chairman, Young Lu, stating that its first electric pickups will make their way to customers in the second half of 2022. Lu made his comments during an online speech at Foxconn’s year-end event, with the Endurance pickup on track after parts and materials shortages.

Koenigsegg Unveils Their First Electric Drive Unit Developed In-House

Koenigsegg’s first electric drive Quark motors can deliver a staggering 335 hp (250 kW / 340 PS) and 442 lb-ft (600 Nm) of torque. With its Terrier torque-vectoring electric drive units using two Quark motors, each unit can deliver a “provisional” 671 hp (500 kW / 680 PS), which makes it the “most power/torque dense, torque vectoring drive unit in the EV industry.”

QOTD: What’s The Most Annoying Tuning Trend Today?

Tuning has become a refined science of late, with restomods and tuning house creations commanding massive premiums for those looking for some individuality. But some trends are just plain annoying. Giant, ride-ruining rims on cars that were designed for much smaller-diameter wheels? Lashings of carbon fiber? Or, how about anonymous-looking engine bays? We want to know your pet peeves of the modern tuning industry.

Getting Hit By A Flying Towbar Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

[embedded content]

There are plenty of things to worry about flying through your windshield when you’re out on a drive. Birds, detached wheels, and now, towbars making a break for freedom. A motorist in Australia had a towbar fly through his front window after it fell off the Toyota Hilux he was following. The large metal projectile could easily have killed a passenger at speed, but authorities think that the driver of the Toyota may not even have an idea it had come loose.

What Else Is Making The News 

Pillow Fighting Is Now A Sport 

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The first-ever Pillow Fighting Champions were crowned on Saturday night in Florida, with the pay-per-view event seeing 16 men and 8 women take to the ring. Each winner earned $5,000.

SpaceX Launch Delayed Due To Cruiseliner

The launch of a SpaceX rocket was called off with just 30 seconds to go as a ship entered the danger zone of the launch site. The launch had previously been pushed three times due to bad weather. According to Business Insider, the rocket was to carry an observation satellite for the Italian Space Agency into orbit.

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